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Arizona wedding photography for all lovers

Looking for a photographer that pays extra attention to making sure you look your best?

Bonus points: who also wants to make sure your wedding day is stress-free?

Spoiler alert: it's me. 

just you + your favorite people

Real talk: I love this photo because it doesn't show my legs or butt. It's a little easier when I've got my boo with me because I can strategically hide behind him a lil and basically cut my pear self in half.

That's why I try to be transparent when it comes to posing - I'll show you what to do. I'll direct you for the most flattering photos that still look and feel like you so that you can focus on the moments, the emotions, and each other.

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What's the sitch?

1. Once you fill out my contact form, I'll make sure I'm available and get back to you with detailed pricing - usually within 24 hours!

2. We choose the perfect package for you or create one to best suit your needs. We can hop on a call or just stick to email. Carrier pigeon by request only.

3. You sign your contract proposal and secure your date with a flat $500 deposit. Your proposal will explain your monthly payment schedule so there's no confusion. It's all online and in one place: easy peasy.

4. Happy dances as we celebrate being officially booked!

5. You make out in a pretty place with me third-wheeling. AKA, your engagement session

6. You get married and party the night away!

Not comfortable in front of a camera?

Everyone says that

Seriously ever single couple! Every couple you're seeing on my site and social media have told me the same thing. "Sam we're awkward!" "we're not photogenic!" "my fiance hates getting his picture taken!"

No sweat though, I gotchu. I'll help you get comfortable and give you silly prompts to make you laugh. I mean, do any of these couples look awkward to you?

There isn't a single one I don't love! You completely captured every emotion and thing from the day! Thank you thank you thank you!

-Macie + Brandon




 Ready to cross something off your wedding checklist?


Ready to cross something off your wedding checklist?

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