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My encouraging approach when guiding you through your photos helps you feel confident + cared for so that you have your memories preserved without stress!

Arizona elopement photographer for all intentional lovers

Arizona adventure elopements and intimate weddings

Phoenix, sedona, Flagstaff, TUcson, Payson, page, and prescott

You've decided to celebrate your love in a way that feels right to you - not what's expected. But running away in secret tomorrow doesn't feel right either.
You still want to make a big deal about this day that'll be your anniversary forever!

Elopements are changing. You can bring guests, you can plan it out well in advance, and you can fill it with meaningful experiences.

You want this day to be about YOU TWO. 

You want a day that is intentional and crafted to center your love, not meaninglesss traditions or family pressure.

let's make a big deal about it!

Your wedding day is meant to celebrate your love & relationship & you can do anything you want to make it feel right for you

Decided against a big party?

I'm a photographer based in the gorgeous state of Arizona, specializing in couples' portraits, elopements, and intimate weddings set against breathtaking landscapes!

I'm transparent when it comes to posing - I'll show you what to do. I'll direct you for the most flattering photos that still look and feel like you so that you can focus on each other and whatever stunning location we're in.

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Hey! I'm Samantha Patri

outdoor enthusiast, bookworm, and photographer

If you could do anything on your wedding day, what would you do?

Have a once-in a lifetime adventure? A new, epic experience?

Cross a new place off your bucket list?

Do all your favorite things?

Wake up slow + cuddly, and end the night stargazing?

Let's dream up the best day ever

What's the sitch?

Seriously every single couple! Every couple you're seeing on my site and social media have told me the same thing. "Sam we're awkward!" "We're not photogenic!" "My fiancé hates getting their picture taken!"

No sweat though, I gotchu. I'll help you get comfortable and give you silly prompts to make you laugh. All photos are then intentionally culled so you get all the best ones.

Everyone says that.

Not comfortable in front of a camera?

I'm ready to get in touch!


Ready to cross something off your wedding checklist?